We welcome submissions to share on our website - and possibly in our calendars and books! 

Before reading the submission guidelines,  please keep in mind that the images in the "Featured Photos" section of our website are shot by a highly experienced professional with special equipment to insure the maximum safety for all creatures involved.   So PLEASE DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME  - or in this case, on the road.  For our fan section gallery, we are NOT looking for  "How in the world did they do that?" photos, but for heartfelt, fun snaps from dog lovers, captured spontaneously and naturally without risk. 



 You must be the creator of the material submitted and / or own the copyright.  Your submission will automatically grant us legal permission to publish it in the Official Dogs in Cars website.

Submitting Photos:

1. Send images that fit the "Dogs and Cars"  theme to mythmattermedia@sbcglobal.net as a jpg or pdf     attachment.  Under 10 mgs., please! 

2.  In the body of the email, include your name, a contact email. A phone number is optional.

3. Share with us the name of your dog and something interesting or funny about your pooch - especially funny car anecdotes. 

4.. We only consider the truly exceptional images for the book and calendar, which also must have enough native resolution for the press.  So indicate if a higher res version exists and the maximum size of the file (without upsizing).  If we are seriously considering it, we will contact you with further details and compensation terms.


Submitting Video for the Website:

Email a link of your dog-car themed video to mythmattermedia@sbcglobal.net


Submitting Stories: 

Have no pics but funny stories or anecdotes about Dogs and Cars to share?  Email them to mythmattermedia@sbcglobal.net  for consideration.  Don't forget your contact info.